Prayer and small groups

Prayer is communicaton with God. We believe that prayer is essential in nurturing a relationwhip with Him. It just as essential for our life, because we are dependent on God. When we pray, we yield everything to Him. In the letter to the Phillipians 4:6-7 we read “Macht euche um nichts Sorgen! Wendet euch vielmehr in jeder Lage mit Bitten und Flehen und voll Dankbarkeit an Gott und bringt eure Anliegen vor ihn. Dann wird der Frieden Gottes, der weit über alles Verstehen hinausreicht, über euren Gedanken wachen und euch in eurem Innersten bewahren – euch, die ihr mit Jesus Christus verbunden seid.” For that reason, we give our cares to God on a daily basis and experience freedom from worry.

Every Wednesday, a group meets at 8.30 AM to pray for personal concerns, for the church, for our city and beyond.  If you seem to be drowned with cares and worries, come and pray with us.  We meet here.

In our “Life Groups” we have the opportunity share our lives with one another during the week. We enjoy having fellowship together around God’s Word. It is a time of sharing, celebration and prayer, where we can grow in our faith. If you are interested in visiting a small group you can contact us here to find out about time and place.
Please contact us here bevor you come in our online group.
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